How to read my blog?

I realized that someone who living another country reading my blog. I wonder how  they read my Japanese blog.  Are they Japanese in oversea?, Just watching pictures?,otherwise they can read Japanese well. I’m not sure. Anyway I try to wright down in my poor English. Can I ?

In this time, I tell my dogs and my ordinary work. I take my dogs to my clinic. In Japan, it is rear case, I guess. Coz. many people belong company, they can’t take dog to their office.  I’m lucky. 

Me? I’m massage and acupuncture therapist. (now almost massage), rent a space and shear with dogs. For a while when I have customer and doing massage, they stay backyard. Sometime they bark customer and make me panic! On the other hands, normally I play with them, give treats. Work? is not so much busy anyway.

Life with dog is keep me stable. I mean mentality, life cycle … a living things….

Mac and Dolly….Is it much better than waiting all day in the house, right?



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